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If you already have your EV Charger installed, to get you up and running, It's On Electric will be installing a smart switch on your device.  If not, we may install your EV Charger for you, and then install the smart switch.   Due to COVID-19 field work restrictions, we are taking extra care to ensure that all communication and on site work is done as safely as possible, but before we can consider installation, we need to perform a site survey to determine the safest, most cost effective way to install the equipment. This survey will be attempted virtually, meaning that:


  1. An electrician from IOE will be in touch with you soon to conduct a survey over the phone. 

  2. The electrician may request photos of your current panel location and where you typically charge your vehicle in order to complete their assessment. 

  3. If sufficient information is collected over the phone and through photos, the electrician will complete their review and submit an estimate the program manager for approval. 

  4. If more information is required, or a site visit is required to complete the survey, the electrician will schedule a time with you to perform their inspection. 

  5. If the cost to install supplementary equipment in your home is too high, the smart switch will not be installed, but you will remain part of our trial as we can still collect data from your EVSE.


After completing our review, and receiving approval to proceed, we will then apply for a permit to complete the work. Pending permit approval, we will contact you to discuss safety precautions to be taken under COVID-19 and schedule a time to come to your home and perform the installation. The smart switch will be installed in line between your electric panel and your EV. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions and remember to drive and charge your EV as much as possible!

Information on the GE Z-Wave Smart Switch can be found here:


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