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Sinope Smart Plug SP2600ZB

Sinope Smart Plug SP2600ZB


The Sinope Smart Plug allows you to take control of all your small appliances and lamps remotely! Plug your coffee make, flat iron, kettle, and so much more into the plug and enjoy being able to freely control the plug from your smartphone or tablet!



  • Control, monitor and quickly program devices connected to the smart plug wherever you are
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant devices to enable voice assistance
  • Create automations that starts and ends on a certain time and day
  • See real-time energy consumption of the devices connected to the smart plug with daily, weekly, and monthly consumption graphs – Saving energy and reducing your bill!

Height: 4.11 cm (1.62 in)

Length: 8.60 cm (3.37 in)

Depth: 3.68 cm (1.44 in)

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