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Home Automation

Imagine being able to control almost everything in your home, from the lighting to the to the heating and cooling systems, using only your smartphone or tablet. All of this is possible with home automation systems that make your house "Smart."


There are many advantages to having a home automation system including convenience, safety and energy efficiency. The increase in convenience means that you can control your home, from wherever you are and have everything set the way you like it. Imagine being able to start a movie, set lighting moods, play music, or control the climate in your home, all by pushing a single button.   Anything is possible with the various Lutron systems that we install.  


Being able to control every aspect of your home from anywhere at anytime also allows you to save energy easily, and monitor your energy consumption.  


If you would like to see how a Lutron home automation system can make you the envy of your friends, please contact us to come and visit our showroom, and see just how "Smart" your home can be. 

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