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IT'S ON ELECTRIC COMPANY is committed to providing top quality service and installations with a heavy focus on energy management, while maintaining the highest levels of customer service and professionalism.


DSM Program Delivery

Since 2007, It's On Electric has delivered and managed multiple Demand Side Management province-wide programs for Government and Utilities delivering them on-time and on-budget with a very high level of customer satisfaction and an unmatched track record of consistent success.

Energy Efficient Residential Product Store

Do you like the products that we installed in your home through one of the many programs that we work on?  Would you like to purchase more?  Visit our store to purchase additional items at low pricing.

Service and Installations

It's On Electric is currently involved in a variety of electrical "smart installations" and pilot projects in both the residential and commercial sectors, province-wide for the Utilities. Our in-house master electricians pride themselves on their high quality workmanship.

Electrical Consulting & Assessment 

As experts in the field of electrical energy efficiency, our team of electrical professionals can assess the system of your home or business through infrared (IR) electrical  testing identifying system overloads, loose defective components and damaged switchgear.  

Measurement & Verification

Through our sister company, IOE Consulting, we provide measurement and verification inspection services for both gas and electrical utilities and the Ministry of Energy for the various commercial and residential rebate programs throughout BC.  This includes the Business Energy Savings Incentive Program and the Home Renovation Rebate Program.  

Lighting Design 

Interested in a lighting redesign project? It's On Electric can provide both residential and commercial lighting design with their NCQLP certified in-house lighting designer, and source the highest quality lighting products using extensive network connections for consumer cost savings.



Established in 2006, It’s On Electric Company is a fully licensed, bonded and insured electrical contracting and energy management consulting firm, with extensive commercial and residential electrical experience in the both the private and public sectors.

We provide high-quality services at a competitive price. Our customer base is very large and diverse, consisting of a large number of long-time repeat clients, including multiple long term contracts with government and utilities.

Our highly qualified technicians have superior customer service skills, ensuring client satisfaction every time.  We have both a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), and a Certified Lighting Designer (LC) in house, rounding out our well-educated and knowledgeable diverse team.  With a committed Project Management team, we have continously demonstrated our ability to successfully run major projects, completing them on-time and on-budget. 

Our track record of delivering successful projects with the highest levels of customer service is unmatched, as proven by the multiple contracts held for years on end.

We are passionate about saving energy and it shows through the care and attention paid to the work that we do!!!!






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